The purpose of this site is to make it possible for anyone, no matter their ability, to help dismantle the systemic oppression of humans who are black and indigenous in the United States and globally.

We believe in education, emotional and physical health, good food, art, music, entrepreneurship, collaboration, parks, libraries, social services, and so much more. We are categorically, definitively, non-negotiably anti-violence.

This site is the creation of writer and peace activist Rachel Lieff Axelbank and is not for profit. If you have financial resources to share, we encourage you to direct them toward one or more of the funds listed on our Financial Activism page.

We have so many more ideas in the works, and we want to hear from you about yours! Please contact us with your thoughts…or if there are additional resources you’d like us to provide…or if you want to get involved in any of our initiatives…or if you’d like your business/services/works/self listed in our database…or if you just want to say hi.